Fitness Logo variations Melbourne design

What makes a good fitness logo design?

A good fitness logo can be hard to achieve. Lets face it, there’s a lot of competition around in the fitness industry and it can be easy to get lost in a sea full of fitness logos. Inspiration for fitness logos are easy to find, but there’s a lot of poor-quality fitness related logos out there. So, lets dive straight in and find out what makes a good fitness logo.


Target a specific audience

So, your fitness business needs a logo, but what should it be? How much does a logo design cost? Knowing who you want to target with your fitness brand makes all the difference. It’s extremely common for companies to want to target a large audience to their facility, males and females of all ages is extremely common. However, if we narrow down who your business wants to target more specifically, creating a logo for it can be far more effective.

We have to consider the area in which your facility is located, and the cost of visiting your fitness facility or service. Is it a cheap gym that requires a logo? Is it small group personal training that you’re trying to attract? These are good questions to ask yourself which will aid the logo design of your business. Does the studio mainly attract women, or is it that really grungy, male-dominated, strength gym that you’re operating?

We can quickly discover who the target audience is, with a bit of thought. And, then, what the age group of the fitness business is, too. All of these elements equate to what the logo design for your fitness business should equate to.


Small fitness studio logo design

A fitness studio that’s small, intimate and personable should have a logo design that represents those features. If the class sizes are small, then creating a logo to represent a fitness facility that is close, warm and friendly should be represented in the logo design.

A consideration should also be the location of the small fitness studio, whether it’s in trendy South Yarra or Prahran, or in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, for example, would make a big difference to the target demographic of the studio, and potential the cost of membership / price per session.


Franchise fitness logo design

A logo for a gym franchise is a little bit different to a small fitness studio. A consideration comes more about location and cost of use. This should be represented in the logo design for a franchise fitness business. Can the member use a key fob and go to multiple fitness facilities, like Fitness First, Anytime Fitness, and so on? Are the studios located in inner Melbourne, or are they scattered throughout Australia?


Gym logo design

An independent gym logo blends the above two features together. It might be the fact that the gym is large (or small), cheap (or expensive) and location/s are important to consider too. Again, to atrget the right audience with your gym logo design is critical to its success. It may also be an online fitness store logo design that you're after, similar to World Fitness Australia. The same rules tend to apply for these, too!


Personal trainer logo design

When I consider personal trainer logo designs, I think the personality of the trainer is a bigger factor. The logo I designed for Apex Training gives a great insight in to my thoughts and process and you can also read about their logo design case study. It might be their specific training style that has a higher consideration, along with location, gender and potential clientele.



It’s extremely important for a fitness logo to be relevant to the target audience of the gym, facility, clients and demographic of their clients and prospective members. To have the right logo design is one thing, but branding is also extremely important to really capture the audience you want to.

why is graphic design important for small business?

Why is Graphic Design Important for Small Business?

A common misconception business owners have is that Graphic Design is a quick and easy task that they can often undertake themselves, if they have the time. You’ll look at the website, social media stream or print design of their collateral, and quickly recognise that they’ve created their branding themselves. The reason business owners do this, is because they believe Graphic Design is simple enough, and to save costs whilst still believing they’ll have the same outcome, is at the forefront of their mind.


why is graphic design important for small business?


Your small business branding is highly considered by customers, they view perception of trust, quality and cost through your design.

For a small business owner, their business is like their baby. It requires careful consideration, which often they believe can be done by themselves. However the issue is that a brands image, and the person buying their product or service isn’t them. It’s the outside world, it’s customers and clients. These are people with emotions and feelings. Catering to them surely comes before selling your own business to yourself.

Graphic design is a highly specialised field where the key focus is to create visuals fitting a brands direction, their customers and target demographic. These visual communications can include:

A brands imagine is typically conveyed through their logo, symbols and illustrations, colours, fonts, words and verbiage, photography and overall style of the company. What makes Graphic Design so important, when created by a professional, is that this material is targeted to the right market, and creates a call to action which allows you to sell your product or service. For your customer to take action when displayed with your visual is key.


why is graphic design important for small business?Why invest in a Graphic Designer, and how will it help my business?

Your First Impressions Matters

Your customer may only have a few seconds to take in your key visual, whether that’s via print or digital design. It may be product packaging, your website, a post on your social media feed, a flyer, business card and so on. Your first impression is what matters the most. Using colours, fonts, illustrations, photography and a consistent visual brand that your customers will appreciate can be enticing enough. A brand style guide can help align, and moderate this to give your brand consistency, but it’s critical to stick to those guidelines.

Consistency of design and marketing is key

To be consistent with the way your brand is displayed to your target audience is key. It can play a pivotal role in your customer having trust in your brand. Elements of predictability, through the use of placement of objects, type of visuals, and brand messaging can assist the consumers decision making on the brand. Is it proven that brands with consistent branding and marketing have better revenue than those who don’t.

Company Loyalty

As mentioned, customers love to see consistency in a brand. To be able to have a certain level of expectation and stability in a company, knowing the type of result they will get, aids loyalty by customers. They will stick with your brand if you have consistent messaging and design language in your collateral. Graphic Design allows your brand to have a level of consistency whether it be direct or indirect marketing, their brands visual guidelines.

A leg up on your competition

Graphic Design, and the way your brand is perceived, can be the difference as to whether or not a potential customer goes with your business. A brand with consistent visuals appears to be far more trustworthy than one without. You could imagine if you were looking at a product and service, and their branding appeared to be inconsistent and sloppy, then you’re unlikely to trust the brand. A brand with consistency will hold a customer’s attention for longer, and certainly assist with the sale over the competition.

Seeing results from the beginning

Starting a business is tough, we can all agree with that, but the ability to see results from the start can be critical to whether or not a business succeeds. Business owners will tend to start a company with a certain target audience in their mind, and a way they want their brand to be perceived. It can be extremely difficult to bring this idea / concept to life without the help of a Graphic Designer – someone who specialises in visuals for brands. With a good Graphic Designer at your disposal, you can make effective decisions and target your desired market. It’s important that the Graphic Designer realises who you wish to target just as much as you know who you want to target. With a successful beginning to a business’ trading means that they wont need to rebrand soon, and can allow the visuals of their brand naturally grow.


The impact graphic design has on your business is profound. And, more critically, it’s essential as much as at the start of the company’s life as it is when it’s been around for a few years. To invest in a professional graphic designer can assist all sorts of communication decisions your company wishes to make, whether that’s social media messaging, website messaging, print messaging, etc. As a professional graphic designer myself, see how I can help your business with a professional graphic designer at your disposal, and grow your business like it deserves to grow, with love, care and consideration.

Chris Koch Business Card Melbourne 2020

Business Card Design - Updated 2020

Think print is dead? Think again! I've updated my business cards for 2020, and I thought I'd show you what I've come up with. The aim, for me, is to hand these out locally to friends, family and prospective clients in and around Melbourne. And, just to make things interesting, I've done them a little differently this time.


Business Cards of the past

I've had business cards in the past – many times. I've run out of them, had too many, changed the design (and size) of them, and so on. But, that's the great thing about business cards is that they're meant to be disposable. Hand them out, promote yourself, show your business or service off. They're designed to be a marketing tool and, yes, I still hand them out to this very day with some great feedback. I tend to opt for high quality, custom cards, because I think it's quality over quantity. However, that's more my way of marketing my business. Every business is different. I've decided to make a few changes to my cards for 2020 to further create a talking point yet, most importantly, be a great keepsake for potential clients. Should you leave with a point of contact, or just leave? I know what I'd rather!

So, what have I changed for 2020?

This year, what I've done is create my logo in silver foil. Why? I think it's a bit of brand evolution for me, a little bit more daring and playful. It's a great talking point too – people who've viewed them have already tilted the card to see the different light that it reflects. I'm not saying that a foil, whether it be silver or gold, is a must (I have matte black business cards too) but it certainly adds an extra interest to the card, especially considering that 9 of the 10 variations have abstract art that I've made featured on the card.

What I've retained is the heavy, high GSM stock of the card. They feel absolutely incredible. Soft, yet very strong and durable. And, to compliment (or contrast, I should say) the silver foil of my company logo, I've gone for a matte finish.


Why have I changed my business cards this year (2020)?

The reason why I've got so many variations for the cards, is because it's 2020 (new year, new me, etc) but secretly because the viewer will often get to choose the card they like the best. I think it's good to have choice, and it's also great to have feedback on your work all at the same time. But because my business cards are such a talking point, it encourages conversation. It allows me to explain what I've created on the card, why I've done it a certain way, and so on. Everyone is talking digital, and don't get me wrong, digital is great. However, print genuinely card get people talking. My new business cards are an example of that.

Business Card Design 2020 Print Design


I love the silver foil I've used on my new business cards. They always look different, they're unique and, because people aren't using business cards as much any more (why not?!), they're even more of a talking point than they were in the past.

Modern Business Card Design 2020 Silver Foil


So, if you've had business cards in the past and you think – yes! This year, 2020, I need new business cards, then lets hear from you and make it happen.

Feel free to add any feedback about the cards in the comment section below, because as always, I'd love to hear your feedback about them.