G'day, Chris Koch is my name and I'm a Freelance Graphic Designer based in Melbourne, Australia.

I professionally design under the name ‘CKGD’ (Chris Koch Graphic Design) and specialise in multiple areas of design. These predominantly include print, logo, web and application design. I also create digital art – not only for clients, but for exhibitions and art groups around the world. I’m really passionate about what I do.

My portfolio is more than just a portfolio.

It's not just a creative outlet, where I can showcase the work I've created for clients around the world, but it's an opportunity to educate people about Graphic Design as a whole along the way.

Visual communication is what Graphic Design is all about – communicating a message, visually (see what I did there?). It is a tool that helps you sell your premium golf balls to the best golfers in the world. It lets you sell budget, bottled milk to the masses. And, it'll even show your customers just how reputable your handyman service really is.

I'm out to convey a message for my clients so they can visually represent their product as accurately as possible and sell to the right people. And, in all of that, I try and create work as beautifully as I can.


Self-Employed Freelance Graphic Designer since 2009


Based in Melbourne, designing for customers all around the world.


Qualified professional who studied in the field – I have an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design.


Expert knowledge of the Adobe Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Acrobat – the industry standard.

Read what my clients say about my work.

Brands I’ve worked on:

IFS World
AFL Publishing
Victory Blinds
ADV.1 Wheels
Crossfire Motorcycles
Network Coverage
Tru-Bilt Fabrications
Medical Informatics Corp
Nidecker Snowboards
Tape Management Services / Iron Mountain
CJM Graphics
Crossfit Dare
Good Nutraceuticals
Life Insurance Agency
Lighting Council Australia
Moorabbin Foot Centre
Monster Performance
Monster Bulk
Natek Music / NKO
Primo Performance
Wilson Brothers Construction

Brief History:

After completing my two year Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design at a TAFE college, I made the decision to freelance full time. I started my own business, CKGD, which I launched in 2009.

Striving to create designs for my clients which are beneficial to them, their target audience is perhaps the most important peice of the graphic design puzzle. Creating something that’s visually appealing to the customer, creates a better brand for the company. The majority of my clients are small businesses, so I fill a gap in their company which they may go without otherwise.

I love working with small businesses and individuals. They’re passionate about their product, work extremely hard and are dedicated. They believe in their product, just like I believe in mine.

I’ve gained valuable experience at companies such as AFL Publishing / Slattery Media, DNA Communications and Rodeo Agency along the journey.

Every day is different being a freelancer, which is what I love – a dynamic, ever-evolving customer base.

Awards and Recognition

2017 – AGDA Member
2010 – 2016: EvokeOne Member
2009 – 2016: Desktopography Member
2015: DeviantArt Daily Deviation – Through The Mist
2012: Dodge Dart Inspired By You Participant
2011: Intrinsic Nature Member
2010: Gaia Wallpaper Member
2009: Design By Humans / Quiksilver T-Shirt Design
2009: Nidecker Snowboards — Notable Entry
2008: DeviantArt Daily Deviation – CKGD Logo
2008: Holmesglen TAFE Staff Diary Design
2008: Southern Cross Packaging Commendation – Legendairy Milk
2008: DG Magazine
2007: Saxton Scholars – Top 20
2007: Desktop Magazine
2004: DeviantArt Daily Deviation – Loading Zone

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