Think print is dead? Think again! I’ve updated my business cards for 2020, and I thought I’d show you what I’ve come up with. The aim, for me, is to hand these out locally to friends, family and prospective clients in and around Melbourne. And, just to make things interesting, I’ve done them a little differently this time.


Business Cards of the past

I’ve had business cards in the past – many times. I’ve run out of them, had too many, changed the design (and size) of them, and so on. But, that’s the great thing about business cards is that they’re meant to be disposable. Hand them out, promote yourself, show your business or service off. They’re designed to be a marketing tool and, yes, I still hand them out to this very day with some great feedback. I tend to opt for high quality, custom cards, because I think it’s quality over quantity. However, that’s more my way of marketing my business. Every business is different. I’ve decided to make a few changes to my cards for 2020 to further create a talking point yet, most importantly, be a great keepsake for potential clients. Should you leave with a point of contact, or just leave? I know what I’d rather!

So, what have I changed for 2020?

This year, what I’ve done is create my logo in silver foil. Why? I think it’s a bit of brand evolution for me, a little bit more daring and playful. It’s a great talking point too – people who’ve viewed them have already tilted the card to see the different light that it reflects. I’m not saying that a foil, whether it be silver or gold, is a must (I have matte black business cards too) but it certainly adds an extra interest to the card, especially considering that 9 of the 10 variations have abstract art that I’ve made featured on the card.

What I’ve retained is the heavy, high GSM stock of the card. They feel absolutely incredible. Soft, yet very strong and durable. And, to compliment (or contrast, I should say) the silver foil of my company logo, I’ve gone for a matte finish.


Why have I changed my business cards this year (2020)?

The reason why I’ve got so many variations for the cards, is because it’s 2020 (new year, new me, etc) but secretly because the viewer will often get to choose the card they like the best. I think it’s good to have choice, and it’s also great to have feedback on your work all at the same time. But because my business cards are such a talking point, it encourages conversation. It allows me to explain what I’ve created on the card, why I’ve done it a certain way, and so on. Everyone is talking digital, and don’t get me wrong, digital is great. However, print genuinely card get people talking. My new business cards are an example of that.

Business Card Design 2020 Print Design


I love the silver foil I’ve used on my new business cards. They always look different, they’re unique and, because people aren’t using business cards as much any more (why not?!), they’re even more of a talking point than they were in the past.

Modern Business Card Design 2020 Silver Foil


So, if you’ve had business cards in the past and you think – yes! This year, 2020, I need new business cards, then lets hear from you and make it happen.

Feel free to add any feedback about the cards in the comment section below, because as always, I’d love to hear your feedback about them.

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