It can be difficult to know when to complete a company rebrand, especially because workflow and customer quantities can change so quickly and with a certain amount of unpredictability. As we all know, a lot of considerations need to be accounted for in order to rebrand. Should you do it when your company direction changes? When business is starting to slow? Just because it’s been a certain amount of time? So, when is the best time to give your company a fresh new logo, brand and identity? Lets take a look, dive in and try and find out!

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Company duration – maybe it’s time for a change!

A lot of companies will say to themselves “I’ve been in business for 3 years / 5 years / 10 years – maybe it’s time for a change in logo.” If we think about what you’re really asking yourself in this question, it’s purely that you’re bored and feel like the company needs a facelift. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t, but time alone isn’t a defining factor as to needing a change in logo design and branding for your company.

Duration of a business can be, and is, a good thing. To have a business gather and maintain traction of a period of time means that ultimately there’s an element of  success. You have to ask yourself why you would change the look of your company, and if it’s out of boredom then that’s probably the wrong was to look at your company.

Logo design development, construction and researchWhen business is failing / starting to slow?

It could be argued that during slow times, a new logo may not benefit you, as resources could be thinning. However, to have a new brand and logo in this period of time could be exactly what you need to gather traction once again. A new, fresh look for your brand allows you to market more, to tell a different story and to generate a talking point where there wasn’t one.

A new logo for your business, in your eyes

If you think about a new logo and what it does to the mentality of the business, and your mentality, it gives you almost a fresh start. Depending on the new design and how close it is to your existing branding, change here can be considered a good thing. It plays a little bit into my next point, but the ability to re-market with a new, revised direction, to be proud once again, a new vision and hope can be extremely revitalizing for all involved.

A new logo in the eyes of your customers

Customers can appreciate a new logo – they’ve done it for years. The new talking point that you’re generating, gives the customer a new perspective about your business. For them, it can almost feel like having a shower and feeling fresh again. If they see your product or service with a new logo and branding, they may consider you once again, whereas they may not have with the same branding as is ingrained into their mind.

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A change in company direction

The single most important reason to rebrand is because the existing company logo and branding doesn’t resonate with the message your company is trying to portray. If your logo is outdated, both in style and message, then your customers will be able to tell. And, if we draw that connection back to my previous point, where business is failing and starting to slow, it may be because of the misdirection in your current logo and branding. If your product and service isn’t fitting for your socio-economic group at the time, then visual communication is lost between company and customer.

The same can be said for branding, where the logo may actually still be fitting, but the branding surrounding the company logo may need to be adjusted to connect with the customer.