Coming really (really) soon, I have a few fitness industry projects that I’m about to post on my website. It got me thinking, what are some top tips for fitness (gym, group classes, yoga, Crossfit, etc) that I can make as a Graphic Designer? Last year was such a tough year for the fitness industry, that 2021 could be considered a do or die year for some businesses in fitness. I absolutely love fitness, it’s one of my main passions in my everyday life. I’m a triathele, avid gym goer, love watching sport and being involved in the industry.

So, without dragging this out any further, lets get stuck into my top tips for 2020 to get your business moving again!

1 – Fitness Social Media Graphics

I’m sure for a lot of fitness and wellbeing companies out there, social media is a big driver for getting and retaining clients. Now more than ever it’s important for you to appear flexible and relatable. Graphic design is a great way to portray your business through social media, but doing it correctly could get you far more followers than you realise.

As 2020 was such an enclosed year for so many people, you can count on people in 2021 being more adventurous when it comes to fitness. Everyone (and I mean everyone) who likes fitness was stuck working out inside. So, lets use design and visuals to portray a visual that’s appealing for your customers.

Instagram and Facebook Post Design

These are two of the biggest social media sites. Instagram stories and design for instagram posts are becoming a hot topic, with plenty of companies opting for a professional graphic designer for more exposure.


2 – Website Design for your gym or fitness studio

The true test of last year was just how many people used the internet to research and buy product. For booking classes, it became (if it wasn’t already) an integral part of organising your fitness business. More emphasis was therefore put onto your website design, it portrays trust, reliablility, opening hours, who you service or what you specialise it (strength training, HIIT, pilates, boxing, cardio and so on).


3 – Don’t forget about fitness signage and print design

If you run a studio at a training facility, signage and print design for the studio is so, so important. More and more fitness studios are making their facility look the part, and you don’t want to be left behind. If you do, it appears stale and can even portray whether you’re up to speed with the latest trends in fitness (the thing is you probably are!). Even if you’re running 1 on 1 or group fitness classes, a teardrop flag, portable sign and flyers can boost the exposure of what you do a huge amount. If you aren’t doing this yet – get onto it!


That’s three top tips for now. More to come!