Business card sizes differ around the world, but what exactly is the standard business card size in Australia? You can, of course have custom business card sizes, different diecuts, colours, finishes and so on. But sizing is critical in a good business card design.

What is the size of a business card?

To design the perfect business card to reflect your brand, service or profession is no easy task. They certainly need to look like a professional business card. Some considerations that I make for clients of mine are the style, imagery, font, colours, layout, finish and content.

An Australian business card standard size is 90 mm wide by 55 mm high.

As I mentioned earlier though, you can choose a different size business card. Or, is it better to go with the Australian industry standard size? What reasons are there that nearly every business card is the same dimensions, size and shape? Is it the cost of printing, the choice of the designer?

If you’re interested, you can take a look at my freelance graphic design business cards to see what I created for myself. I went with silver foil, a heavy gsm stock, and graphics on one side, whilst keeping it very simple and stylistic on the other side.

What are the different business card sizes around the world?

It’s important to know that business cards do differ in size around the world. That’s why, when I work with a client, it’s important to know where the cards will be distributed. To find out the standard size for American business card size, Europe business card size and, lets face it, every country, take a look at this article I wrote.

Business card dimensions in Australia

Business card sizes in Australia don’t have to be standard in size, but the standard size is 90mm wide by 55mm high (9cm x 5.5cm) with a 3mm bleed for printing. This size allows information to be easily read yet also means the card will conveniently fit in standard wallets and business card holders in Australia.

Melbourne Business Card Printing

Because I’m based in Melbourne, I often use printers in Melbourne to print business cards. I often use Simprint Digital to print business cards for clients. I have also used Moo to print business cards – get in contact with me for 20% off you first purchase!


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