I’ve been lucky enough to work with a few Health Care companies now, and created a lot of logos for the medical field. And, in my 10 years of Freelance Graphic Design experience, I’ve seen a lot of old logos which are in desperate need of a redesign, and also some new companies and services who don’t even have a logo to start with. All the amazing work that the Health Care sector has been doing to start 2020 has given them (deserving) more recognition in light of COVID-19. Having completed hundreds of custom logo designs, I know a thing or two when it comes to successful logo design for a company in Health Care.

health hospital logo design

Before and After of the Medical Informatics Logo I designed.

Colour choices are important

The use of colour in the medical field is so important. Colour can invoke emotion to the viewer, so careful selection of colour palette is important. Health Care is a critical sector to get right, because the patients feeling towards the service is paramount to their trust. We know that health care, especially when it comes to medical and operations, is representitive of the colour red. However, is that the best colour to portray the business? This is a case-by-case scenario, of course.

Blue has been, and always will be a colour of choice in the medical field. For businesses in health care, when it comes to logo design, blue is a feeling if calm and cooling (the situation, environment, etc) of the subconscious mind.

A concept for Paul Manohar Urology, showing a part of the kidney function.

Symbol design in logos for medical practitioners

It can often be requested that a needle, crutches, bed and other medical tools or devices make good a good symbol for a logo. Yes, they identify in a very stereotypical way the service, but how does the patient feel when they see the logo? Styling the symbol, along with colour, can offset the feeling, but the majority of the time, especially if very stereotypical, the patient may feel sensitive. So, it’s important to be careful with symbol design for a logo for the medical field.

Concept logo design for SiSU Health

Choosing a font for health care logos

Similar to colour and symbol in a logo design, the font (or more specifically typeface), is an important choice. The typeface of choice usually reflects how professional and reliable the service is. So, typeface choice give fulfill part of the confidence element of your service which may allow the patient to get in contact with your service.


Designing custom logos for the health care industry is important. Just like the medical service itself, and the patient having trust in the doctor, nurse, practice (and so-on) on a personal level, the logo and branding for a business in this field can also be a true reflection on how much they value the service they provide and the feelings of their customer. I’ve seen success in the logos I’ve created for practitioners and health care providers, which is so great to see, and all their hard work, not only during COVID-19, but always, shouldn’t go unnoticed.