Often I’ll get approached by companies asking whether or not I can recreate their logo in vector format – typically created in Adobe Illustrator (such a common program used to create vectors), for print production. This could be for stationery such as letterheads and business cards to bigger prints such as posters and even billboards. The fact of the matter is that a company needs to have generally have an EPS (Encapsulated Post Script) file in order to print their logo at different sizes.

Why the original logo wasn’t created in a vector format to begin with is difficult for me to know. It may be the inexperience of the designer in creating a logo. Or, the client may not know what file format they required at the time. The most common problem is that their logo was initially designed in raster format within Photoshop (or similar) and is now in a JPG or GIF file format which is definitely not recommended.

Logo conversion from JPG / GIF to Vector (AI / EPS)

The difficulty in conversion from JPG / GIF to AI / EPS typically depends on the complexity of the logo design. The more intricate the logo, typically the more difficult the logo re-creation process. Another major factor is the quality of the scan or JPG of the logo itself. If it’s unclear or low-resolution details may be lost in the conversion process. Typography can also be a challenge to trace if the original typeface isn’t known or available.


You can see how pixellated a .jpg logo can be when resized. A vector logo, on the other hand, has no quality loss.

Converting a logo from photo to Vector (AI / EPS)

Another request I receive is to recreate a logo or illustration from a photograph or a scanned image.


In the example above, I’ve taken a photograph (left) of the logo design which needed to be printed on several more leather seats. Using Adobe Illustrator, I recreated this intricate logo (right) so the client could use the print as often as required. With the new logo now in a vector format, no quality loss will be made no matter what size the client decides to print the logo design in the future.

Why have a Vector Logo Design?

It’s extremely important that a logo be created in vector format, using a program such as Illustrator (AI and EPS file formats). The logo, when created in Illustrator, then has the ability to be infinitely scaled from as small to as large as you desire.

If your company needs a new logo or if you need a logo recreated for vector, please contact me to discuss your project.