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Brand your company with a symbol design

Using a symbol with a logotype is the perfect way to brand your company. Having a symbol as part of your company logo allows you that flexibility to brand your business either with the logotype, symbol or logo as a whole. A strong symbol can be iconic, think Nike, Puma, McDonalds and so on, who have really strong symbols with global recognition.

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What is symbol design?

A symbol, often coupled with a logo design, is a great way to brand your company. A strong, brandable symbol can be used in isolation, or with a logotype making it perfect for use in isolation or in small spaces. Of course, a symbol isn’t always used as part of a logo, it can be also used as an icon design, waypoint glyph and so on.

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Small or big company symbol design

You don’t necessarily have to be a big company to have a symbol, small companies benefit from a symbol design also. because they’re so effective, a quality symbol can give your company more credibility. So, a professional symbol design can make all the difference when it comes to company branding and iconic recognition. It should be carefully thought out, considered and accurate to your target demographic to allow it to shine.

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