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Publication Design for your business

Publications can be defined as many different areas of print production, but small to medium publications to demonstrate the use of a product, service or offering is such an important way to highlight a feature of your business. I have a wide range of clients requesting case studies, whitepapers and brochures, and to specifically facilitate the use of publications in a formal way, is a professional way of marketing a company.

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What makes a good publication?

It’s important to follow the brands guide lines and have the document in line with other marketing collateral, such as business cards, letterheads, advertising and so on. A uniformed brand instills trust for the viewer. For a publication, the right balance of imagery and text is always important, and having readable information, such as including stats and quotes can be a great way to further engage the viewer.

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As I mentioned, whitepapers feel like they’re gaining traction for print, where a company will demonstrate their knowledge and discuss a particular case or information valued by a reader. I’ve worked with multiple companies combining this printed element with web articles, to great success.

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