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Zac Speed Backpack and Print Design

Zac Speed is a Melbourne based action sport backpack company. Their configurable bags make them extremely unique, whith the ability to create a whole range of versatile backpacks for all different sports and activities. Their bags are currently mainly aimed at riders, including motorbikes, cyclists, and adverture day packs, but their scope is huge. The great thing about working with Zac Speed is their work ethic and thought process. Their belief and mindset behind their company is enthustiastic and quite rare. They really want to motivate people to get back outside, have a sense of adventure, explore, be unique and creative.

By being located in Melbourne, that means that I have a good understanding of who their audience might be. Also, I have a massive interest in sport and fitness. I can totally relate to their product and what they offer as a company.

I began working with Shaun on the Comp 2 and Comp 3 backpacks on graphic product design. These are hydration backpacks which are slimline, comfortable with an aerodynamic shape in mind. For the logos of the two products, along with the graphics, I felt like we needed to start creating some consistency for their brand. So, the differences between designs are very similar – but the subtle changes in design elements allow them to market slightly different audiences.

Zac Speed have such a quality product, and I felt like their existing material didn’t equate to that being the case from a marketing point of view. Taking photos of some of their products, tidying them up and making them presentable, and untimately creating aproduct brochure that demonstrated that quality allows them to now market their products the way they should be. The brochure allows them to now have a product range worthy of showing off.

On the alternate side of the brochure is a map of the world. This highlights places for events to see, who to contact and most importantly where to explore. Because at the end of the day, Zac Speed want you to explore. I love their sport and fitness nature of their products and the designs they’ve allowed me to come up with.

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