United – Desktopography 2015

Stormy, abstract wallpaper design for Desktopography

‘United’ is a wallpaper design for Desktopography’s 2015 exhibition. Desktopography allows digital artists from all around to submit their nature-based wallpapers from right around the world. A selection process then takes place where only selected wallpaper designs make the final cut.

Featuring a rough, unpredictable ocean, I wanted to create a wallpaper which united both a natural element and a man made, impossible, abstract structure. In the past, I’d always utalised the Desktopography logo in my designs for their exhibitions, so this year was no different. However, I did decide on making the logo a lot more subtle (unrecognisable) in the main structure but also feature the logo swaying due to the rough waters.

I felt for ease of viewing, it was best that I extended the canvas to a more natural viewing angle. I decided to keep the angled horizon line and slightly warped the design in the end to give the structure more focus.

ApplicationsPhotoshop, Illustrator