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Toccare / Conoscere

Derived from two Italian words, “toccare” meaning “to touch”, and “conoscere” meaning “know”, I created these two abstract designs in Cinema4D and Adobe Photoshop based on the music of one of my favourite artists, Overwerk. Not only influenced by the sounds of his music, but also the style and cover-art of his albums, I wanted to create something abstract using monochrome and for the artwork to look relatively dark overall. In addition, I incorporated certain elements of speed and power through both pieces, reminiscent of the high BPM of the music and genre.

Taking it a step further, I created two alternate versions with a more lively retro-inspired colour scheme.

I also wanted to focus on stylising typography a bit more in this project, with one receiving a more modernist style type treatment, and the other incorporating that speed and linking element I mentioned earlier.

It’s bit a little while since I’ve created artwork like this for my own interest, but it’s been so much fun to work on!

Year2018ApplicationsCinema 4D, Photoshop, Illustrator

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