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The Simple Social – Logo & Branding

Logo design and branding for an Australian company “The Simple Social”. I had the opportunity to create a logo for this client who allowed me to design what I felt was fitting for their target demographic. My thoughts were for the logo to be modern, iconic and bold, have a human touch, depict the use of social interaction through written text (like quotation marks) and / or gestures. And, I felt that the name forced the logo itself to look visually simple.

What I came up with for The Simple Social, was a symbol that demonstrates the use of a top-down hand shake, the visual look of quotation marks and finally the use of typical message bubbles. In the imagery, you can see how I’ve demonstrated how I created that visual through the symbol itself.

For a lot of clever logo designs, I believe that these messages are important. A connection for the brand through the use of the symbol is important. In this case, I could allow the logo to be well executed but also have some clever characteristics.

Furthermore, I came up with a basic colour pallete for the brand to use, a letterhead and DL sized design. Both of these had the job of being simple, and compliment the logo design.

Year2017ClientThe Simple SocialApplicationsInDesign, Illustrator