Rentpost – Property Management Website Design

I was approached by property management company, Rentpost, to redesign their website. A web design that would re-invent the company was the primary thought, giving the company a slightly more mature look, whilst still be in keeping with their existing style. I analyised the existing website design and branding of the company and came up with a new direction for the company moving forward. Within the property management sector, the thought process of the customer is important. To gain trust instanstly, from the customers perspective, is vital.

New typeface usage for the company was carefully selected. This included Roboto and Asap, which both portray a message of trust but contain a very approachable characteristic. In the property market, this is always an issue between the company and client relationship. I also added fresh colours to the existing pallete.

The iconography is now consistent and flows through thanks to the logotype of the company. It’s now cohesive and clear. The website design features icons heavily. Furthermore, explaining the tools and features of the application that Rentpost provide its customers was important. To make it feel simple and usable was my goal.

Year2016ClientRentpostApplicationsPhotoshop, Illustrator