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Argyle Nutrition – Premium Fat Burner Supplement Label

Nutrition supplement logo and label design for a high performance & quality brand.

Argyle Nutrition is a sports nutrition supplement brand with two premium products – Premium Burn: Elite Series and Premium Burn: Toned. I was approached by them to design a logo suitable for their brand, which is of a high quality and neutral towards both sexes. The focus of the product is for it to increase energy, focus, surpress apitite, boost matabolism, reduce stress and, of course, burn fat. With these two products focusing on fat burn, brand expansion into protein and muscle based supplements is possible.

We wanted the logo to feel really strong and brandable with a consideration that the symbol be used in isolation very often. Loading it up with as much meaning as possible, I went for angles which allowed it to have the typical argyle pattern. Extending this to the ‘AN’ inside of the symbol was important, too. It was important for the logo to be relatable to the fitness industry, gaining trust of the company and product for the consumer, but also different enough to seperate it from it’s competition.

The labels are an extension of the logo, heavily carrying the same shape and linework giving it a unique look and feel. Importantly, the diagonal cuts had to allow the text to be readable and create a certain element of space throughout the label.

Year2016ClientArgyle NutritionApplicationsIllustrator, Photoshop, Cinema4D

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