Nitracore – Supplement Logo, Label & Website Design

I love working with supplement brands such as Nitracore, and when they came to me asking for a label and logo design for their dietary supplement brand, I was more than happy to help. Being a fitness / protein supplement based job (which I’ve already developed quite a few), Nitracore wanted something very dark, using blacks and reds to reflect their explosive pre-workout supplement.

Developing the logo for Nitracore, like any supplement brand, was very enjoyable from my point of view. I got to use the angles and aggressive type that I wanted to. They gave me the freedom to develop it as I saw fit (no pun intended!).Made from entirely custom type, the logo was developed very specific to their target demographic. That hard edged, fitness and sport orientated look is what we both felt was a good for for the company. The ‘N’ in the logo has trademarks of a very iconic symbol, similar to the ‘G’ in Gatorade, the Nike tick and so on. That was definitely intentional, where the ‘N’ symbol would sit proud and confident on it’s own and still be easily recognisable as the Nitracore brand.

The label design for the pre-workout supplement bottle followed on from the logo. Again, I used sharp, aggressive design features and created a very angular look. A mesh, hexagonal pattern in the label background gives off a certain vibe and significance of the quality of the product. The ‘XP’ type, which was again custom made by me, followed on from the Nitracore logo. It’s recognisable as a Nitracore product. The rest of the label continues to be simple but impactful allowing clarity and the ability to stand out amongst a very competitive croud.

In such a compeititve market, with brands such as Cellucor, Optimum Nutrition, BSN and so on having very effective labels and branding, it was important that Nitracore had the same. The advertising material I created for the brand features black and white photograhy with impactful statements. Short, sharp and to the point. They all feature the bottle sitting proud beside the photography and slogan. These are used mainly for Amazon and social media.

Finally was a one-page website design for this pre-workout company. The focus is to make this new brand gain respect instantly and the design I created allows users to respect the company based on the look and feel. While the company is angling towards that hardcore protein supplement design language, the website has to look engaging and allow the company to feel approachable. So, I added more neutral colours and photography allowing that to be the case. Use of very clean ingredients allows the user to gain yet more trust in the product.

Now that I’ve worked with a few protein supplement and fitness brands, it’s always amazing working for supplement companies who need logo and label designs. They each have their own story to tell. Nitracore is no exception.

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