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Network Coverage – Website Design and Branding

A professional look for IT infrastructure company with a revised website design and illustrative posters.

Network Coverage is a business / technology firm who maintain IT infrastructures for their clients. They came to me with a logo which they’re very proud of and stand by, along with a website. One they wanted to keep (the logo), the other they wanted to change (the website).

We’ve gone through a few iterations of website designs throughout my time working with them. Most provide a different direction for the company and the way they market themselves. They have allowed me at certain stages to be as creative as I want to be, within their brief.

Generally I’ll be using their existing colour palette for print based materials such as business cards, mouse pads, stickers and flyers. However, as time goes by, we’ve really expanded the use of different colour to suit the look and feel of the design, rather than the companies image.

I’ve also worked on design for their social media pages including Facebook and Twitter.

More recently, I’ve created these two one-page layouts that you can see on the left, with the purpose being to explain the company and a call to action. I also designed large, printed banners / signage featuring ‘superheros’, which I created in Illustrator.

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