Nature’s Capture:

Paper Planes:

Nature’s Capture – Desktopograhy Wallpaper

Nature-based high quality wallpaper design

Desktopography is a fun project, where designers get the chance to create wallpapers for computer screens, laptops and mobile phones. The vision of Desktopography is that even though using a computer is often done indoors, we can create a wallpaper to remind us of the important aspect of being outdoors.

For 2009, I created two wallpapers. ‘Nature’s Capture’ and ‘Paper Planes’.

Nature’s Capture allowed me to use the Desktopography logo as the central figure in the design. I scuffed it, scratched it and made it look 3 dimensional. Then, using a photo I shot, I wanted to make it feel as though it was the central strength of the image which the trees surrounding tightly held onto.

For Paper Planes, I used some photos I took of rocks at a nearby beach and placed them in an abstract way. The meaning behind the central tree shows how many trees get cut down leaving rocks and barren soil. I wanted to make the entire wallpaper dark and leave the tree as the glowing main figure.


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