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Nate Kimball Orchestra (NKO) – Branding

Musical orchestrica logo design and branding including business cards, flyers, brochures and print based collateral.

The Nate Kimball Orchestra (NKO) was initially a branding based project – creating a logo, business card, letterhead and other print based designs for Nate Kimball’s new venture. I worked with Nate on his solo Natek Music branding, and the NKO project was for his big band project.

Nate’s brief was a fairly simple one – he wanted something that felt fun, creative and professional. It had to be inspiring but also in tune with the music that the big band played – enjoyable and upbeat. Something modern and a New York City style were also part of the recipe.

My interpretation was to create a logo and overall brand which was music related but not in a stereotypical fashion. I wanted to be subtle from a musical perspective, but also give the feeling that the NKO had come to town, had presence and people knew when they saw this logo that they were in for an enjoyable time.

To have something this bold, colourful and energetic, which should make you feel as though they aren’t your typical jazz orchestra, was encouraged by Nate himself and something I took on with open arms.

Creating different print based designs for NKO is always fun. With a colourful pallete, energy and a client giving me freedom to create with open briefs.

ClientNate Kimball Orchestra (NKO)Linkwww.natekmusic.com

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