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Medical Informatics Corp – Branding

A unique medical-based logo and website design for health industry professionals.

I began working with Medical Informatics Corp in 2016 and instantly fell in love with their passion for their product. They are a company who really strives to make a change – they transform health care patients data into actionable clinical intelligence. So, they provide an application called ‘Sickbay’ to help doctors and nurses save lives, based on patient information.

Iniitally, I designed a logo for their application – Sickbay. The ideas behind the logo show pillars of strength and stability, a waveform and clarify, all reflected in their product.

From that point forward, I designed application icons, their website and a brand new Medical Informatics Corp logo. So now, both logos stand together, side by side, with the same clarity and vision. And, branding with a vision for the future, not the past.

They’ve given me a lot of creative freedom and allowed me to push the boundaries. And as a result, we’ve come up with a website like no other in the field.

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