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Making of 'Limited' timelapse

Limited – Basketballer Digital Art

Unique design of basketballer striving to dunk

‘Limited’ was created as part of a competition between a group of designers, where we all took the stock photo of the basketballer and created whatever we wanted. There was a time restriction of one week, and at that point we’d all present our designs.

My direction was to have the basketballler launching at the hoop for a slam dunk. Constraints are holding him back from doing so such as gravity, the opposition, skillset – everything is trying to force him not to. But, with will and the desire of the basketballer, he forces himself to make the dunk. A dark background allowed me to focus more on the basketballer himself, removing crowd distraction and outside ‘noise’.

I’ve included a small process video demonstrating my work flow for this project.


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