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Lighting Council Australia – Brochure Design Melbourne

For the last few years, I’ve been designing collateral for the Melbourne based company Lighting Council Australia. They came to me with only their logo design, and I’ve taken the responsibility to work on their branding and create a bright, colourful and impactful look and feel. Careful creation of layout, with big bands of colours and photos, along with selection of suitable typography, has dramatically improved the look of LCA.

Not only have I created brochures and flyers as you can see here, but I’ve also created other membership kits, their monthly email campaign (both for distribution digitally and via PDF), media releases and sponsorship documentation. Being in contact with officials, such as the Prime Minister of Australia and other Government officials, it’s important for the Lighting Council Australia to have a professional aesthetic.

Year2017ClientLighting Council AustraliaApplicationsPhotoshop, Illustrator, InDesign