tour de france logo design
tour de france logo design
tour de france logo design
tour de france logo design
tour de france logo design

Key logo features / ideas:

  • France's scenery, how it always appears so green and lush.
  • The millions of fans to turn out to watch the tour every year.
  • The terrain of the course, where the alpine region has a major influence on who wins.
  • I tried to include the four jersey's of the main leaders of the race – yellow, green, white and polka-dot.
  • I didn't want to create a logo too modern in style – I wanted to still encapsulate the history of the event.
  • I didn't want any specific reference to France in the symbol as the race is usually rode outside of the country

le Tour de France – Logo Redesign Concept

My take on an iconic bicycle event logo design

Created for a weekly challenge called “52 Weeks of Design” where the brief requires the designer to come up with a hypothetical design. The requirement for this particular week was the redesign le Tour de France logo (which is one of my favourite logos). le Tour de France is the biggest cycling event in the world, with spectators watching the event in their millions.

With the bike race over 100 years old and riders from all around the world, it is a very multicultural event with plenty of colour, energy and undulating terrain. I love how the current logo embodies the fun and excitement of a carnival type atmosphere and has plenty of energy and rawness to it.

In a week, it was extremely difficult to re-brand one of the largest sporting events on the calender.

This project is in no way associated with le Tour de France and is purely experimental.


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