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Inventos – Flat UI App Design

I designed this user interface design for a warehouse management app for Inventos. It’s specific use was for an iPod Touch with a barcode scanner attached to the device. Its use – in the rough and tumble of a warehouse. The key was to make something generic enough for it to be re-branded for different companies requiring the application, so the iconography and colours used are general, subtle and unoffensive and therefore flexible for a wide range of uses. The flat design for the UI allows it to be easily viewed with neutral colours.

Staff may use gloves, be restricted with their hands, and so on. With that in mind, the app design had to be user friendly, clear and simple to use. I wanted to contrast the buttons as best as I could for low light (or bright light) conditions typically found in warehouses. It was important to make the tasks feel repetitive so the user can get used to the process quickly and easily.


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