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ckgd art space abstract
space digital art abstract evoke one
evoke one digital art space
space art abstract ckgd
evoke one digital space art
ckgd evoke one digital art
ckgd evoke one digital abstract art

Into the Void – EvokeOne Art Group

Deep space abstract art for Evoke digital art group

My submission for Exhibition XXXI “Into the Void” for EvokeOne Digital Art Group.

Into the Void represents a deep, dark unknown – space. To venture into space is dangerous and infinite. Or, is it? What we do know is that space is extremely vast, with unlimited possibilities yet exploration continues. I’ve always been fascinated by space and just how vast it is. We know so little about it, yet we’re in it… we’re a part of it.

My aim for ‘Into the Void’ was to create another dimension. I wanted to give the illusion of the astronaunts and planets being drawn into another, unknown location much like a black hole.

Created using Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4D and NASA Stock photography, this high resolution design has been setup with print in mind.

Year2015ClientEvokeOneApplicationsPhotoshop, Cinema4D

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