Infinite – Isometric Artwork

Isometric based typography inspired by M.C.Escher

My desire to experiment with isometric typography came out in this project. I’d always wanted to create something like this, featuring abstract typography which isn’t exactly legible. It looks almost like a maze in it’s appearence. I sketched out my initial type with a pencil and isometric grid paper. Then, I imported and developed the design further in Adobe Illustrator. The finishing touches such as lighting and tones were then finalised in Adobe Photoshop.

The artwork is based on my love for angular, isometric shapes which are sharp and crisp. The work of M.C.Escher is similar, but he generates more impossibilities in his artwork. ‘Infinite’ is made to feel more simple, and flat, to a certain degree with the viewer deciding how much depth is involved in the artwork with their own eye.

Year2015ApplicationsIllustrator, Photoshop

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