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Custom artwork design for IFS World, Melbourne

IFS World Exhibition Signage

IFS World are a company who develops and delivers enterprise software for customers all around the world. Those customers generally manufacture and distribute goods, build and maintain assets and manage service-focused operations. I’ve worked with them for a few years now, and been involved in their global change in style guide. You can see in the content provided the transition of style induced by Global IFS World.

I tend to work closely with IFS World Australia, located in Melbourne. Such projects include creating exhibition signage, EDM design, general signage, brochure design and a high amount of animated advertising for the web. A lot of the direction is quite strict, however in the work demonstrated, I’ve been able to incorporate a design language which stems slightly outside of their normal criteria. Exhbition signage undertaken for the company has had mining as a key target industry. Creation of these high quality, large sized banners have involved manipulation of photography, creating assets in Cinema 4D and composing imagery to specification.

I’ve included a few diagrams demonstrating how the exhbition signage was incorporated into the display. Some areas of the design were obscured, which was a consideration, as was the height of people viewing and text range and size.

Year2018ClientIFS WorldApplicationsInDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4DLinkwww.ifsworld.com

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