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Growth Navigator Portal – UI Design

Portal UI Design for MSP Growth Navigator, where I designed business orientated elements to allow the user to easily view critical financial and roster information regarding the company of choice. With a clean and easy user interface, quick viewing and decision making is an obvious asset to the design of the interface of this portal. The web-app also allows connectivity to other systems commonly used by companies all around the world.

With modern, vibrant web-looking colour scheme, MSP Growth Navigator allows a certain level of familiarity without any prior use. I wanted the layout to be easy, and familiar, whilst also being a visually pleasing experience for the viewer. Everything is crisp, clean and clear while still being modern and contemporary for the user to experience. A high level of clarity was required for this UI, with soft blues and whites being used in conjunction with vibrant oranges, blues and purples.

I also designed the logo with this in mind, with the upwards motion of the arrow, and a single ‘click’ look, allowing demonstrating the ease of use of the interface.

Year2019ClientMSP Growth NavigatorApplicationsPhotoshop, Illustrator

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