Flight On – Desktopography Wallpaper

Spiked raven wallpaper for Desktopography

Desktopography is a fun project, where designers get the chance to create wallpapers for computer screens, laptops and mobile phones. The vision of Desktopography is that even though using a computer is often done indoors, we can create a wallpaper to remind us of the important aspect of being outdoors.

In 2013, I created ‘Flight On’.

I used a stock photo of a raven to create an abstract design featuring a bird who’s want is to launch out of a mechanical / structural feeling, and just be free. I wanted a contrast from the left hand side of the artwork evolving through to the right. I did this through the lack of colour and by having the left hand side feel heavy and grounded.

Furthermore, I wanted the entire design to be in my abstract shape style, featuring geometric shapes and an upward, angluar motion.

Year2013ClientDesktopographyApplicationsPhotoshop, Cinema4D