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Hisense Deviantart Flight On Desktopography Wallpaper Award
Flight On desktopography wallpaper nature detail
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Flight On – Desktopography Wallpaper

Flight On to be displayed on Hisense TVs

In 2020, as apart of Hisense new range of TVs and the DeviantART app, Flight on will be featured on the TV themselves. I’m so excited by this annoucement, because it’s one of my favourite abstract designs that I’ve created, and to be awarded is such an honour, expecially by Hisense and DeviantART.

Award Winning Art on DeviantART

In 2014, Flight On was awarded a Daily Deviation – an award I’ve managed to win a few times. To be recognised on a website with millions of pieces of art is really special to me. The artwork was described as “This piece is both wonderfully interesting and mysterious. The dark colours blend amazingly with the shapes.”

About Desktopography & the project

Desktopography is a fun project, where designers get the chance to create nature-based wallpapers for computer screens, laptops and mobile phones. The vision of Desktopography is that even though using a computer is often done indoors, we can create a wallpaper to remind us of the important aspect of being outdoors.

In 2013, I created ‘Flight On‘.

I used a stock photo of a raven to create an abstract design featuring a bird who’s want is to launch out of a mechanical / structural feeling, and just be free. I wanted a contrast from the left hand side of the artwork evolving through to the right. I did this through the lack of colour and by having the left hand side feel heavy and grounded.

Furthermore, I wanted the entire design to be in my abstract shape style, featuring geometric shapes and an upward, angluar motion.

Year2013ClientDesktopographyApplicationsPhotoshop, Cinema4D

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