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EDM / DJ logo design and album artwork

dubvirus is an EDM producer and DJ based in San Fransisco, USA. He came to me with a symbol design, but no logotype so I designed a logo that worked with his existing symbol’s characteristics and looks natural next to his existing branding.

From that point it was all about creating different material for him such as a business card design, Numark NS7 performance control skin design, album artwork covers, website design and other promotional material – all designed ready for print.

Artwork for dubvirus was always abstract in its nature. Something that suits me just fine. We both wanted the artwork to reflect the music as best as possible. Album art is a very personal type of design work. The original red shaped abstract artwork was used for such things as the control skin, website and business cards – mainly used for the dubvirus brand as a whole.

The Tesseract artwork was created for an EP which took on a different style, meaning and thought process. A direction even more obscure and intricate.

ClientdubvirusApplicationsPhotoshop, Illustrator, InDesignLinkdubvirus.com

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