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Deluca – Food Packaging Design

Designed in conjunction with Deluca’s existing style guide, I created these three new pasta labels. Products include Fettuccine Egg Pasta, Linguine Egg Pasta and Tricolore Fettuccine Egg Pasta. The task entailed a product range that would fit along side other products in the brand. By creating the food packaging designs, I implemented a style complimentry to their other products, created nutrition tables, Made in Australia labels, edited and took food photography and come up with an overall solution.

We worked together to have a label sizing agreement that allowed the label to have enough white space around it to showcase the food in a positive manner. The packaging for the products needed to have a balance between branding and display the type of pasta.

Furthermore, I mocked up product packaging designs, showcasing the food in their off-the-shelf dishes. These designs needed to be realistic to allow the company to use the imagery in their marketing. They are used to allude to the high quality nature of the product.

It was wonderful to work closely with another Melbourne based company on their food product packaging.

Year2018ClientG&K FoodsApplicationsIllustrator, Photoshop

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