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Custom Electric Bike Decals / Graphic Design

Crossfire Motorcycles, who I’ve worked with for over 10 years now, have entered the electric motorbike arena, and required graphics for three of their electric motorbikes. I designed these decals with the power source as inspiration, as well as a design which would allow a wide range of customers to enjoy.

Futuristic (maybe a bit of retro) decal design

The electric motorbike decals look futuristic, but they also throwback to 70s and 80s design elements, giving them plenty of character. Each bike has at least 3 colourways, so it was important to choose colours which suited both the design and overall aesthetic of the bikes.

Logo Design for electric bikes

I created logos for each of the three electric bike products, which co-inside with the design of the decals. Designing both the print-based decal design and the logo design allowed me to create a very unified decal for each of the products.

Crossfire Electric Motorbike Decal Design

Crossfire Motorcycles are based in Sydney, Australia and they had three electric motorbikes which they added to the range. It was my job to create logo designs, and decals, for each of the three products. They all had multiple colourways. Being electric, and Crossfire’s first electric bikes, it was important to create designs that were striking, futuristic and added to the overall electric experience.

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