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Bayside Architecture Melbourne – Website Design

Website Design

Melbourne based architecture firm required a new, contemporary website design for their brand. For a business who provides their clients with high quality building designs, I felt it was only suitable to design a high quality website for them. A minimalistic design, filled with monochrome tones allows their product photos to stand out. And, as a one page design, it was important to allow the viewer to naturally flow down their website and see all the products and services they have to offer.

Because this architecture firm is local to me, in the Bayside area and surrounding suburbs of Melbourne, I knew what the competition was offering and their standards. A lot of architecture websites struggled to visually demonstrate their projects and explain how they go about designing structures. By having a very minimal design, not only does it target a certain audience, but it elevates their company to a level above their competition. This website highlights the quality of their projects, so much so that customers will want to get in touch with them for future projects.

The client also allowed us to create what we felt was best for them – a huge advantage from a visual point of view. It was so nice for the client to entirely trust my visual design.

Logo Design

For this project, I’ve also created a logo for Bayside Architecture, a fictional company to demonstrate the potential of the website with a revised logo. In this design, I’ve used the counter of the ‘b’ and stem of ‘A’ to create the symbol for Bayside Architecture. Using geometric shapes allow the symbol to appear contemporary and minimal. The shapes also represent the formation of structures used in modern architecture, demonstrates rigidity and strength.

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