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OzShip – Australian Shipping and Logistics Logo

Australian based shipping and logistics company, OzShip, required a logo for their new business. In a compeitive market such as freight, shipping and logistics, it was important to position the brand specific to it’s target audience. OzShip make transporting big items cheap and easy by helping customers directly connect with transporters who have extra truck space. To display some the following characteristics, to reflect the company, were important: movement, online-based, speed, ease of use, reliability and quality of service. Being a new company, the aim should be for the logo to have a modern, bold style to it. It should carry a certain confidence and feel strong. A sense of movement is important to portray speed, easy of use in getting a quote / service / response.

I felt that features of the new logo may include the following ideas, whether it be physical or metaphorical, to assist the symbol or logotype’s relevance to the company:
• Arrow/s – A key indicator to show logistical movement from one location to another. This allows me to demonstrate an added layer to movement forward and progression. It also shows a connection between transporters and customers.
• Australia – Based in Australia, for locals. Make the logo something relatable and identifiable to locals.
• ‘Oz’ – With the word ‘Oz’ in the company name, it’s clear that the logo has to be somewhat Australia based. For visual retention of the logo, demonstrating in the symbol that the word is “Oz”, not “Aus”, is also important.
• Kangaroo – A kangaroo or native Australian animal could be good for the Australian representation. I also believe that a kangaroo hopping or moving forward / springing upwards is a good visual strategy.
• Speed – Convey a sense of movement, speed and efficiency to match the brands mission.

To give a bit of insight into the logo design process, I felt, was important. It would be easy to identify the logo as ‘just’ being two arrows, but a fair amount of research went into creating a successful, timeless logo.