Attention: Pay It! – iPhone / iPad App Design

Puzzle based game UI design for App featured on the iTunes store

A client came to me with an existing design for a game they had created for iOS called “Attention: Pay It!”. They wanted to make minor tweaks to the game itself, but most importantly redesign the application to give it a new, more modern look. With that considered, as natural progression, the game would also be easier to learn and more enjoyable.

Whilst the game itself looks relatively simple, where colours on the left of the game area are activated which allow the user to click on the ‘dock’, speed is the key. However, when more colours become involved (pressing both blue and green to make yellow for example) and different objects fly onto the screen, the game becomes very challenging. That’s the main thing struggle with this game for the user – how difficult it is. Like I mentioned, it certainly looks easy, but is far from it.

This was the first application I’d designed. It involved many pixel perfect adjustments and creating a UI with plenty of testing involved using LiveView. I tweaked the existing logo, created icons for iOS and animations for the application along with the graphics and UI throughout.

This was such a great experience to work on. I learned a lot about UI / UX design in this project and just how much work and dedication it takes to develop an application.

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