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Being a good personal trainer, and demonstrating that in a visual sense through logo design and branding, is going to separate him from the flooded work environment he’s in. His competition is absolutely huge.

Apex Training logo design
Personal training professional logo design

When I think about the target demographic Louis has to contend with, it’s not only other personal trainers, group closes at your local gym, franchises like CrossFit and F45 Training. It’s also a very wide range of potential clientele, from those starting out in their fitness journey, to regular gym goers and beyond like professional athletes.

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Personal Trainer t-shirt design, Melbourne

Louis knew the fitness mindset of client that he wished to appeal to. He offers services such as personalised training programs, composition scans, video analysis, personalised nutrition and a whole lot more. But the key to branding Apex Training was to demonstrate the professionalism and attitude of the trainer himself. I feel as though Louis saw the value on himself and how branding, which I’d create for him, would have a profound reflection on his services.

He compared himself to other fitness brands around the world and the image they were all portraying. We sat down over coffee and discussed in depth how I could make his brand suitable for, not only his target market, but going through with the potential growth he saw in his business. A lot of time and effort went into creating a logo with thought, meaning and being optimal for his target demographic. It might look simple at a glance, and that’s what we both felt was a requirement, but it has depth and substance to it too.

Fitness logo design Melbourne
Logo design for fitness company, Melbourne

Apex Training – Personal Training Logo Design

Apex Training, a boutique personal training studio originally based in Melbourne, required a logo and branding done. Knowing Louis, the business owner on a personal level, along with my existing passion in health and fitness made this an extra special job to work on.

I worked closely with Louis, who understandably wanted to stand out from an extremely flooded market, to create a logo for his company. It has to be said, a lot of personal trainers and fitness instrcutors are extremely passionate about their jobs, and Louis’ traits was no different. He’s also the ultimate professional, and a quality personal trainer at that. With so many fitness studios, such as F45 Training and CrossFit as partial competition, along with the plethora of other personal trainers, it’s extremely important for Apex Training to stand out. He knew his target demographic, and that was to provide training, nutrition and body transformation on a personal level.

Logo design and branding for this fitness studio needed to be strong, bold, professional and confident. I mention in the case study that I wrote for Apex Training how professionalism and strength can come in many forms of design. Some of that, often displayed through the use of muscles, weights and bodybuilders in fitness branding is extremely obvious. But, being more geared to the athlete in us (than the off the couch), Apex Training needed a symbol and branding more like Nike.

Included in the branding for Louis was social media assets, apparel design, business cards, and of course, a really long-term orientated logo which he can sell his services with confidence with. Extremely bold, extremely iconic in a flooded fitness-based market means that Louis’ personal training business can thrive through the use of this logo.

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