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American Life Academy – Logo and Web Design

Strong American logo design for new website design focusing on issues from business to real estate.

American Life Academy run a website with information regarding all different issues from Health to Finance and Business to Real Estate. It covers seven topics of interest where users can read vital articles in an informative type setting.

For the logo, I wanted to create a typically ‘American’ style logo – confident, patriotic, strong, united. I created pillars to demonstrate this, also using some of the flag features such as the stars and stripes.

The key focus was to create a professional looking website and design a logo which was strong, classical and classy but also fit for a modern environment like the internet. With plenty of articles and photos used throughout the website, it is beneficial that the logo be able to stand out on it’s own.

Advertising placement was crucial as to not intrude the viewer but to also interest the viewer to other sources on the internet.

ClientAmerican Life AcademyApplicationsIllustrator, Photoshop

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