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ACS All Stars Sport Presentation Program

An eight page program for the 2017 ACS All Stars Presentations event created in Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop.

The program acknowledges ACS 2017 Hall of Fame Inductees, including AFLW Western Bulldogs player Brooke Lochland, guest speakers such as the Melbourne City National Youth Team coach Joe Palatsides, Melbourne City player Dylan Pierias and AFLW Western Bulldogs player Libby Birch. It also covers ACS All Star Teams for Summer and Winter including such sports as cricket, soccer, football, table tennis, volleyball, basketball and hockey.

ACS supplied me with photos of all the athletes, including the students, where my job was to create a program outlining the event. With a passion for sport, this type of job was amazing to work on, where I wanted the students to feel like they had really achieved something quite special. I wanted it to be a program which their parents would also want to keep. For school sports, I believe this type of design allows them to strive to improve and be proud of their achievements.

With the program featuring a different range of sports, qualifications, age and gender, it was important to create a program covering all those bases. The cover, and design of content, displays this.

Feedback on the program has been very positive, so it’s been great to hear that the client and students alike enjoyed the design.

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