17-01-2017 date time abstract photoshop cinema4d
01-17-2017 date time numbers-abstract art cinema4d photoshop
abstract isometric numbers detail inspiration design
abstract art render spike mograph digital art
abstract art monochrome black white digital

17 01 2017 – Date Number Digital Art

Abstract, digital art created in dedication to the date numbers 17/01/2017 and an alternate version for 01/17/2017. It’s amazing how many date formats we have, and I thought this set of numbers allowed for some nice geometric flow, with plenty of typographical stems. In conjuction with some sharp, geometric abstract shapes, I created artwork where the lettering complimented the abstract forms.

The lettering was custom made in Illustrator, rendered in Cinema 4d with a few finishing touches in Photoshop.

Year2017ApplicationsIllustrator, Photoshop, Cinema4D

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