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Chris Koch – Freelance Graphic Designer

Business logo professional re-creation

I’m a professional in re-creating logo designs for small and large business in and arounnd Melbourne, Victoria and all around Australia. Whilst I’ve created plenty of new logos for clients, I have also been requested to re-create logos, particular for print purposes. A logo is extremely important to a business, but perhaps due to age of the logo or original quality, a re-creation of the logo may be required.

Re-create my logo!

The importance of a print-ready, logo re-creation

As we know, a logo is extremely important to your business and its success, but how frustrating is it when your logo is in a substandard quality? Particularly when it comes to print, a 300dpi vector based logo is so important. Not only does it reflect positively for your business, it also allows it to be easily viewable across all media. Vector is the best quality format for your logo.

Logo Re-creation for Melbourne based company in vector format

Vector vs Raster?

A logo created in a raster format may be suitable for web (I say may, because it depends on the quality and size), however a logo created in vector format is so much more adaptable. It may be that you don’t want a background for your logo, or you want the logo at a larger (or smaller) size and still want clarity. With a vector logo, you can display it on print media like letterheads and business cards, but also signage, t-shirts and any print substrate you can imagine.

Logo Design Portfolio

Not only can I re-create logos, I also specialise in creating logos from scratch, to help your company thrive. Here’s a few examples below:

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