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Chris Koch – Freelance Graphic Designer

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I’m a specialist in creating logo designs for small and large business in Melbourne, Victoria and all around Australia. I’ve created plenty of logos for clients, with the aim in creating the most effective solution for the client and their customers. A logo is extremely important to a business, and a key asset to the face of your company.

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Logo design concepts

The importance of a successful logo

A logo demonstrates to your customers who your target demographic is. Along with the company name, a logo is often considered the most memorable aspect of your company. Therefore, the right messaging needs to be conveyed to your customer. I design logos that fit your target demographic and vision which underline your brands identity.

Logo design development, construction and research
Logo concepts design for a client

Logo and Branding Considerations

I believe thought and consideration should be behind every single logo I create. Not only does it have to visually look beautiful, it also has to be relatable and have meaning to both the business and their customer. This shows consideration for your brand, belief systems and a level of quality. I detail my process in every logo design job, explaining the reasoning behind decisions I make.

Logo Design Portfolio

A select range of logos created not only for clients in Melbourne, but all around the world.

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