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Design Case Study: Apex Training

Commenced: 2018

Logo Design. Branding. Print Design.

Everyone seems to have a fair idea just how competitive the fitness industry is. Not only that, customers and clients tend to make a judgement on the authenticity of a personal trainer extremely quickly. There’s a perception, true or false, that there’s “a lot of bad personal trainers” out there. And, having spoken to a lot of personal trainers in the fitness industry, they also realise that this perception is the case. Logo design and branding can change that perception.

Apex Training logo design

Independent, qualified, professional... but a huge amount of competition. The task; to create a brand identity which seperates Louis from the rest.

Louis, owner of Apex Training based in Melbourne at the time, came to me realising not only my profession as a Graphic Designer but my knowledge of the fitness industry. And, the great thing about Louis, is that I knew just how good of a personal trainer he was. Qualified, knowledgeable, and a personality that makes him such a likeable person. For his company, branding is extremely important. Being a good personal trainer, and demonstrating that in a visual sense through logo design and branding, is going to separate him from the flooded work environment he’s in. His competition is absolutely huge.

When I think about the target demographic Louis has to contend with, it’s not only other personal trainers, group closes at your local gym, franchises like CrossFit and F45 Training. It’s also a very wide range of potential clientele, from those starting out in their fitness journey, to regular gym goers and beyond like professional athletes.

The Apex Training brand is such an exciting brand to work on. A fluid market, but keeping consistency with the quality of his work is so important.

Louis knew the fitness mindset of client that he wished to appeal to. He offers services such as personalised training programs, composition scans, video analysis, personalised nutrition and a whole lot more. But the key to branding Apex Training was to demonstrate the professionalism and attitude of the trainer himself. I feel as though Louis saw the value on himself and how branding, which I’d create for him, would have a profound reflection on his services.

He compared himself to other fitness brands around the world and the image they were all portraying. We sat down over coffee and discussed in depth how I could make his brand suitable for, not only his target market, but going through with the potential growth he saw in his business. A lot of time and effort went into creating a logo with thought, meaning and being optimal for his target demographic. It might look simple at a glance, and that’s what we both felt was a requirement, but it has depth and substance to it too.

Simple, strong, effective, confident, profressional and proud. These are some of the key traits to this fitness / personal training logo.

A bold, strong and striking logo allows Louis to have such a recognisable brand from the outset. It’s got the visual integrity that says to his clients that he’s a professional, knows what he’s talking about, teaches correct form and nutrition and so on. It also has the visual appeal where clients would be proud to show off his logo, like a badge of honour even on an article of clothing.

Strength in a fitness logo is so important. For a quality personal trainer, often this isn't reflected with muscles and weights, but confidence in the mark itself. Apex Training's logo oozes confidence.

Now based in the UK, Louis has taken his brand with him. The brand has that versatility to be exceptional because of the way it’s been presented from the outset.