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Chris Koch – Freelance Graphic Designer

Professional letterhead design for your business

Designing a letterhead for your company should follow the same style as your logo, business cards and other collateral. Formal documents should be treated with a great amount of respect, and your customer can identify this because on the design of the letterhead. Mentioning your address, offices (for example you may have different offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane), along with website and contact information allows the customer to reach out to your business if required.

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Print, PDF and design

The design of a letterhead is generally A4 in size, and some customers opt for single or double-sided printing. Whilst they’re generally created using Adobe InDesign to have a professional look and feel, this can be exported into Microsoft Word for alternative editing. The creation of the document in InDesign is important, with more flexibility and generally better print production. The documents can be set up for interactivity too, meaning your website and email can be clickable when exported as a PDF.

Letterhead graphic design professional

A letterhead adds to your corporate look with plenty of versatility.

As mentioned earlier, a letterhead along with a business card and flyer can be the corporate package design your company needs to have a professional looking company. Displaying trustworthiness to your customers is portrayed through a professional looking letterhead. And, having a standardised design, which could be implemented in invoices, marketing and further correspondence creates a cohesive look your customers will appreciate.

Improve your corporate identity with a letterhead.

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