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Chris Koch – Freelance Graphic Designer

Creative illustration to assist your brand

An engaging way to add interest and fun into your brand is through the use of Illustrations. Typically used to assist textual collateral, websites, brochures, print material, apps, and flyers can use illustrations to great effect. They can also be used for product packaging and clothing. Whether it’s a character design, illustrative scene or abstract illustration design that best portrays your brand can be discussed with me.

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Characters and scenes

Character illustrations and scenes which I have designed, allow clients to give their customers a unique look at their product or service. I have designed posters, mind maps, infographics and brochures to all assist with marketing for a company with the inclusion of characters and illustrative design.

Illustration home property infographic
superhero poster design

Illustration use – web and print

Web design offers a wide range of potential use for illustrations. Their visual, similar to that of a photo, can portray a certain emotion to the visitor of the website. To describe services and products are where illustrations work best, but they can also be used for icons to quickly describe a product or service.

Often Adobe Illustrator is used for creation of the illustrations, meaning that they can be scaled as big or small as your business needs. Quality illustration, with precise execution is important.

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