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Icon creation for your business collateral

A set of icons is a great way to compliment your company branding collateral. In conjunction with your company logo, content (such as text and photography), a set of icons can help illustrate the story your business is trying to tell. Customers also have a great attraction to icons, because they tell a story, much like a photograph, without having to read text.

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Types of icons

Icons can certainly range in style, from line drawings, to full colour, from 2d to 3d. A nice set of icons related to your product and service, that compliments the design of your company logo, will go a long way to having a cohesive brand. It’s important to consider which style is most suitable for your company based on the brand direction.

Icon Design Collection for marketing firm
Icon Collection design property

Icon size and usage scenarios

Generally when people think of icons, it’s for a product or service on their website, however icons can be used in print collateral too. Created the correct way, in vector format, your icon collection can be shown on print material such as brochures, flyers, annual reports and advertising. They’re also great for large format printing such as billboards, signage and exhibition displays. The possibilites are endless, and, when they’re created they can be used (and have more icons added) as new products and services come up.

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