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Chris Koch – Freelance Graphic Designer

Create an impact in the food industry

To have impactful and stylish food label design and product packaging in a competitive industry is critical to the success of the product. Especially, when it should be considered that in Melbourne, and all-around Australia we have two dominant supermarket chains in Coles and Woolworths. So, to design packaging for food and beverage products for those super markets is full of competition.

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Big or small, mass produce or boutique

Boutique, niche product design is thought of along the same lines. If a food product is sold online, the brand as a whole is what markets the product, including the website, product packaging and labels, typography, photography and so on. It is important to engage the customers through an online store, and also in boutique retail / independent stores.

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Award winning food packaging designer

I’ve been freelancing as a professional Graphic Designer for 10 years now, but prior to that when I studied Graphic Design, I won an award for food and beverage design for a milk product I created. Since that point, I’ve created plenty of supplement labels, food and spices packaging, and beverage packaging. It was back then, and still is, critical to engage with the customer through the use of design.

Food (and beverage) packaging appeals to certain audiences based on the product design, so to sell to a specific type of person is often communicated through the use of design. It is really the main way of selling a food and beverage product which is why graphic design is so important in the sale of food products in store and online.

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