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Chris Koch – Freelance Graphic Designer

Professional folder design to present documents and files

Create a professional folder / binder design for your business to elevate you to the next level. Beautifully presented folders can aid customer engagement, whether it’s as a sales face to face meeting, or for a customer to view demonstrating your products and services.

We need a folder designed

Custom binder / folder design for any company

Binders don’t need to be big, but the potential to show raw materials within the folder is certainly possible to aid the sensation of touch to any potential customer. Folders can also assist to contain branding assets for your company such as a letterhead, business card, flyer and brochure.

A custom designed folder / binder is a very impressive looking asset to have for your business, which reflects positively on the company. It also allows you to sell products in a more positive, tactile way obviously demonstrating positively.

Custom Graphic Design binder artwork
Binder Folder Design Print Blinds

Materials and finishes

Folders can be developed using a number of different materials, such as cardboard and plastic. The potential is only limited by your imagination, with wood, clear plastic, and printed surfaces also optional.

A folder / binder is a great asset to have for our business

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