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Chris Koch – Freelance Graphic Designer

An exhibition space fit for your business

Generally, for medium to large companies offering a product or service, they’ll soon find themselves regularly attending exhibitions to reach out to further customers. Exhibition signage and design can allow your brand to stand out from the competition, allowing more focus and time with customers to offer your products.

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Signage considerations and design

Considerations as to the design of the exhibition space are important. Size of the space, lighting, materials, and potential customer audience should all be considered. For clients I’ve worked with in the past, the consideration of the size is critically important. To contemplate the height of the audience, where text, logo design and graphics are placed, viewing angles and so on are all hugely important design considerations to make for your exhibition space.

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High resolution signage

The quality of the signage is important too. Being large format printing, graphics have to be considered for certain sizes and distances. The lower the quality of the graphics or photography, the more blurry or pixelated the design. To create a high quality exhibition space may be the difference on whether a customer trusts your exhibition space or not.

Designing, and printing, exhibition signage can be daunting, but done right can lead to a huge amount leads and customer engagement for your company.

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