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Design Case Study: Nitracore

Commenced: 2017

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The first step, when it came to the Nitracore brand, was to develop their logo. They already had a logo in the general style they were after, but in order to create a specific direction for their company and appeal to the right demographic, it was critical that it needed to be changed. It was so important to the brand for this to be the case, something more aggressive, more masculine and visually communicated strength to the customer. In order to sell at the volume they want to, a strong logotype is one of the first steps in creating a solid brand language.

Logo redesign process supplement fitness

A supplement company like Nitracore has a large target audience, but what comes with that is a high level of competition. The protein powder market is saturated, so creating a target audience is critical.

When it comes to packaging for a protein powder, or in the case of the XP by Nitracore a pre-workout supplement, making the aesthetic appealing to the target audience is essentially one of the major ways to sell the product. We all know that taste and potency are two ways of determining how good a product is, when it comes to supplements, but in order for consumers to make that decision they first need to make judgement on the reliability and a lot of that comes down to the packaging design.

Nitracore had a strong message to market towards a very specific audience, so in conjunction with the logo, creating a fitting label to target that demographic is so important. As I mentioned earlier, the competition for protein powder and supplements means that it has to be considered what the label looks like among the competition. The style, aesthetic and trustworthiness of the label may make or break the brand visually next to other supplement brands.

I advertised the Nitracore brand using a similar aesthetic. Marketing, like the logo design and branding, is so important. Consistency is the key, and making a new brand have an element of consistency shows so much more reliability in the product.

Using sharp lines, strength and bold elements for Nitracore was the way I set up the company to then solidify the marketing elements that came with the initial product tub and label. The photography, editing and manipulation of images were all considerations to fit the brand to the right target audience. Making the product appear potent, like the product is, allows the customer to trust whats inside for future reference.

By using the key colour, and tone of red, it also dials in that element of potency, strength and the edge needed. All of these are terms that a person engulfing themselves in training from a semi-professional / professional view are ones that they want to hear. For a supplement brand, getting this message across, along with a fitting price point, again can make or break the sale. With Nitracore, we wanted an element of value, but also to communicate the strength and quality of pre-workouit supplement.

The website communicated more about the product, which is natural, but by showing ingredients in a wholesome and natural way helps develop the quality of supplement and the brand as a whole.

To dive into the product a little bit more, and the creation of the advertising for this particular supplement brand, I get asked a lot to create labels and renders for products using 3D software. Nitracore was no different, placing the label I designed onto a 3D object and demonstrating it in such a way that sells the product in a positive light. I can’t stress enough the competition and how I, and Nitracore, wanted to target the right audience. This is such a critical message that needs to be displayed to customers at a whole to make the right decision for purchasing the product.

A sense of "explosive" pre-workout supplement needed to be conveyed in the product advertising. The puff of red powder demonstrates this clearly to customers.

I’ve been commended a great deal on the success of the Nitracore logo, advertising, website and brand as a whole. Many clients, and potential customers, have been able to appreciate the work and effort gone into the brand. So, my ability to discuss this in this case-study is beneficial just to further reach out and get the message across of what work was involved. Protein supplement brands, or nutrition companies have been a big part of my work scope the last few years, and working with Nitracore is just one example of this process.